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Fine Fresh Italian


(210) 698-6616  / Dine-in, Delivery, Pick-up, Take-and-bake


Fine Fresh Italian


(210) 698-6616  / Dine-in, Delivery, Pick-up, Take-and-bake

A Destination

At the foothills of the fabled Texas Hill Country, Leon Springs is a proverbial Wilde Spot in the Road. However, its reputation for knowing how to have a good time has earned the tiny community a big dot on the map.

Just up the road from The Dominion, Fralo’s is also conveniently located for visitors to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The Shops at La Cantera, and the Bass Pro Shop on IH-10. Fralo’s is also easily accessible from The Westin La Cantera Resort and Golf Clubs. Fralo’s is approximately 20 minutes from downtown San Antonio.  Just exit 551 coming from downtown and immediately turn to your left.

A visit from our friends at Budweiser 

Pet Friendly

Enjoy our hand tossed pizza with one of your four legged friends

A look into our wood fired oven 


Let us make your day special, by catering your event out of our retro firetruck. 

Frank and Lori Hakspiel

Frank, Grant & Lori 

The Family behind 10 Years of Fralo's Success!  

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Come enjoy some of our local talent or catch a Spurs game 



Come enjoy some of our local talent or catch a Spurs game 



22nd - Jake Bomgaars

23rd - Jim Thomas

24th - Keeton Coffman

25th - Bernie Martini 

26th - Roy Schneider 

27th - Ryan Alexander 

28th - Justin Mason 

29th - Erica McCann

30th - J Wagner 

31st  - Josh Klaus


1st - John Ebersole &
Montanna Harrison

2nd - Miss Massive Snowflake

3rd - Lucas Carpenter 

5th - Jake Bomgaars

6th - Josh Murley

7th -West Kings Highway

8th - Moonlight Social 

10th - Them Traveling Birds

12th - The Harmaleighs 

13th  -Jim Thomas

14th - Big Evening with Joe Caruso!!!

15th  -   Jeff Wood

17th - Angwish

19th - Alex De Joyos

20th - Ryan Alexander 

21st -The Blast Band

22nd - Bernie Martini

24th Bones Jugs and Harmony

26th - Rusty Nails

27th - Jack Boyd

28th - Josh Klaus

Coming Soon


1st - John Ebersole &
Montanna Harrison 

5th - Jake Bomgaars

6th - Josh Murley

7th - The Blast Band

8th -  Jorge y Nicole

11th - Bo De Pena

12th - Alex De Joyos

13th - Kristen Ford

14th - Dean Johanesen

15th -  Jeff Wood

17th - Freakabout

18th - Olio Music

20th -  Dean Johanesen

21st - Josh Klaus

22nd - Jonnie Morgan Band

23rd - 

24th - Skyler Tunes 

26th - Jack Boyd

27th - West Kings Highway

28th - Clifton Castle

29th - Bernie Martini


1st - Surrender Hill

2nd - Jake Bomgaars

3rd - Josh Murley

4th - West Kings Highway

5th - John Ebersole & 
Montanna Harrison

9th - Alex De Joyos

10th - Ryan Alexander 

11th - Keeton Coffman

12th - Jorge & Nicole

16th - Rusty Nails

17th - Jim Thomas

18th - The Blast Band

19th - Jeff Wood

24th - Jack Boyd

25th - Josh Klaus

26th - Bernie Martini

30th - Ricky Stein



1st - Josh Murley

2nd - Clifton Castle

3rd - John Ebersole & 
Montanna Harrison

7th - Jake Bomgaars

8th - Ryan Alexander

9th - The Blast Band

10th - Jorge & Nicole 

14th - Alex De Joyos

15th - Jim Thomas

16th - Josh Klaus

17th - Jeff Wood

21st - Rusty Nails

22nd - Sonic Radio

23rd - West Kings HIghway

24th - J Wagner 

28th - Jack Boyd

29th - Cooper Greenberg

30th - Brad Blackburn ??

31st - Bernie Martini


4th - Jake Bomgaars

5th - Josh Murley

6th - Brad Blackburn

7th - John Ebersole &
Montanna Harrison

11th -  Alex De Joyos

12th - The Blast Band

13th -  Clifton Castle

14th - Jorge & Nicole

18th - Jack Boyd

19th - Jim Thomas

20th - Josh Klaus

21st - Jeff Wood

25th - Rusty Nails

26th - West Kings Highway

27th - Cooper Greenberg

28th - Bernie Martini





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Eat Together

There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. - Kevin James


Eat Together

There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. - Kevin James

Good pizza is a very social dish, it loves company. Families who dine with us relax in our casual picnic setting under live oaks, sharing a pizza, good company and a good bottle of wine. Live music rounds out the Hill Country ambiance.

 Our delivery customers have come to know that Fralo’s pizza is a slice above the ordinary, hand tossed and prepared with the best fresh ingredients available.  We suggest you try our take-n-bake pizza with your next delivery or pick-up. 

We’re thrilled to say that Fralo’s Art of Pizza will celebrate its 10th anniversary May 2014.  It’s been exciting and we have truly enjoyed getting to know you and your families. We’ve earned praise from customers and restaurant critics alike. Fralo’s was named one of San Antonio’s Best New Restaurants in the Express-News’ 2005 People’s Choice Awards! We were also awarded AOL City Guides Best Pizza 2006 & 2008. You voted us Citysearch Best Pizza 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010. 2008 & 2009 Best Neighborhood Restaurant, Express News Reader's & Critic's choice award. We won WOAI City's Best Pizza 2011.